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Family History – Living Along Virginia Colony’s Waterways in the 1600s and 1700s – Lukes, Dales, Etheridges, Veales, Hills, Lewises, Wormeleys, and Others


This family history is about my known ancestors who lived along the Chesapeake Bay waterways in the 1600s and 1700s.  Ancestors’ names include:

Armistead Lewellyn Ring

Bennett Lewis Shepherd

Bowles Lowe Stott

Dale Ludlow Veale

Etheridge Luke Warner

Fielding Martiau Wormeley

Hill Reade  

The ancestors lived in counties on rivers running into the Chesapeake Bay or counties on the Chesapeake Bay.  These waterways and the Bay had a major influence on the lives of these ancestors.  A goal of this family history is not only to identified my ancestors living in these areas in the 1600s and 1700s, but also to characterize them, their lives and times, and how the waterways, the Bay, and other factors might have affected and influenced the ancestors and their lives and times.


Section II provides genealogy data, for example, ancestor names, and birth and death information.


Section III provides ancestor histories based on information found in historical records.


Section IV provides information and analysis on developments in several topics relevant to my 1600s and 1700s ancestors’ lives and times. Topics include immigration; counties and towns; economic growth; houses and churches; waterways; and the Virginia Colony’s governance.


Section V provides information and analysis relevant to my 1600s and 1700s ancestors related to interactions, connections, and associations within and outside the Virginia Colony and within and between families.

This family history can be read by clicking PDF.

This family history can be purchased on Amazon.

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